Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The spirits move among us

I have always known this, and I try to remember this. Sometimes I forget. But on that day when I covered the Buhay Babaylan event in UP Diliman, it was my very own central theme. Baylan Undin reminded me of what I know. An old friend I saw and talked to during the event also spoke about it. They are with us, moving alongside, maybe even through, us. They are in our homes, in our rooms. They watch us, listen in, try to touch us. Sometimes they get angry, and then we need to ask for forgiveness. I know there are many who don't believe this, but it doesn't matter. Those who do should be more careful, because we share this world with those who are unseen.

Here are photos from the event.

Baylan Undin, a Manobo babaylan from Agusan, with her niece Robilyn (left) and Grace Nono (right)

Robilyn is a Manobo youth leader and a master of traditional embroidery and beadwork. She has led her people through arts and crafts revitalization projects.

Baylan Undin with her niece and interpreter Robilyn.

Offering sacrifices for the spirits: betel nut, eggs, tuba

Here is the full story on GMA News Online:

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