Monday, August 27, 2012

My love affair with Ayurveda

I met Father Jacob around 7 years ago and since then, I have always come to him for my ailments. Even for advice. I support his projects and try to help whenever I can. On his birthdays, I am usually there to celebrate with him and the other friends who love him dearly. I learned to love all his spicy Indian dishes because he keeps on feeding me with super anghang food items. I've seen him through three clinic addresses already, and have met a lot of wonderful people through him. I cherish this relationship with Ayurveda and Father. He is really someone I can count on, during times of health and emotional crisis. He's a funny guy, very wise, and very kind.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed him for Rappler. This is the story.

Photo courtesy of Jes Aznar.

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