Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whatever, they glow.

Irene and I sometimes talk about these people: the monks, meditators, some sisters and brothers, some of the religious, even martial artists. They are the very few whose faces are so unencumbered by stress or worry. Their eyes smile when they smile, their skin is clear, their smiles so sincere. Their faces literally light up the room. And when you talk to them, they look into your eyes. You feel they are there. More than what you see, they emit a powerful positive vibration. You feel light around them, or they feel light around you. Whatever, they glow.

I've been to Fo Guang Shan twice. The first time, I met the Head Abbess Venerable Miao Jing and talked to her in person. The second time, I saw her as well but didn't get to speak to her. Her companions in robes also have that glow, but hers is brighter and I know I shouldn't be saying this. But it just is.

Anyway, this is the Rappler story about an event I covered in Fo Guang Shan.


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