Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hear the Children Play*

Last March 10, I watched the concert of the Kolisko Waldorf School Ensemble with Bowi and Irene. It was held at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater in Ateneo. The special guest during the show was soprano Banaue Miclat. It was a special concert for me, in 5 different ways:

1. It was Bowi’s last time to watch the annual Music in Me concert-recital, because next year, he will be part of the ensemble! The school’s ensemble includes students from Grade 3 and up.

2. It was my first time to hear Banaue Miclat sing, and yes, she is wonderful. She sang numbers from The Sound of Music, like Do-Re-Mi, My Favorite Things, and Edelweiss.

3. The children, as usual, played exceptionally well. They brought some of the members of the audience to their feet towards the end of show. Great job, you guys!

4. The concert featured testimonials from parents and teachers in the community. Even Teacher Ford Pundamiera addressed the audience, for the first time after mounting three concerts in three years. I found Teacher Therese’s speech, though quite lengthy, entertaining and inspiring. I hope that the book she talked about will materialize, as I myself have been planning to write a similar book for many years. So far, I haven’t found the time to write it.

5. It was a big fund-raising effort to help the school build its new home in Heroes Hill. The members of the community have been helping each other find ways to raise enough money to cover for the costs of construction, moving and operations. We have a long way to go but personally, my hopes are up.

I am looking forward to next year’s concert and I am ready to find out whether Bowi will love playing in the ensemble, or not. Whether he will like the violin, the guitar, the cello, or none of these. I am ready to buy the most expensive ticket so I could sit in front and see him up close. (I have been buying the cheapest tickets for two years now.) I am looking forward to listening to the music in him.

Here is the link to the Music in Me article that I wrote for Rappler.

*The title of this post should have been the title of my Rappler piece, but since they didn't use it, I decided to use it instead for my blog post/review of the concert. Sayang naman, cause I rather like my title.

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