Thursday, September 13, 2012

I like simple days like this

1. I went to check out a new restaurant in Sikatuna with friends Irene and Bebang.

2. It was actually an ocular for FWGP.

3. I didn't like the food there, but the shakers were cute.

4. And then we walked to Bebang's house where this adorable all-black Persian also lives.

5. We met her kittens. One has been reserved for Bowi!

6. She showed us her Reader's Choice certificate! WTG!

7. And then we had a share of Poy's very sweet congratulatory cake for his lovey dovey ;)

8. Finally, we were brought to this hole-in-the-wall fresh lumpia place near Anonas. I must say, it deserves its "best-kept secret" reputation.

The walks, though tiring, were enjoyable. It was a thrill to look at pretty houses and watch (listen to) the trilling of the birds of Kamias.

Overall, a lovely day.

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