Monday, September 10, 2012

The way I work

I get up early for some Me time before everything else starts.

I personally prep Bowi for school: breakfast, bath, clothes, school bag, baon, the works.

After he's off to school, I start working. Most of the time, I write from home.

But when I need to attend a meeting or do an interview or cover an event, I sometimes bring him with me.

He listens in. He knows all about the "deep" stuff grownups talk about. He understands many concepts that are still vague to other kids his age. He knows about the issues of artists, writers, photographers, etcetera.

Best of all, he asks questions.

This is one of the reasons why I don't do the nine-to-five thing.

My work enriches my son's life in so many ways, fuels our discussions at night, broadens his understanding, makes him question the world around him.

This is how I work. And this is the way I like it.

During a recent interview I did for Rappler. I talked to writer-photographer Angel Carballo about her exhibit at the Senate.

During an interview with Dr. Maliekal from India, many months ago. This was for a story I wrote for GMA News Online.

And this is the article that inspired me to write this post:

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